Your Goals

WHAT ARE YOUR GOALS? Choose from the items below to view information about how our services align with your goals.
  • Improve Posture

    Improve Posture

    Improving posture has benefits that extend past looking better. When the bones of the skeleton are “stacked” in an optimal...


  • Virtual Studio

    Virtual Studio

    For those who have barriers to coming into the studio for a personal session or class, we offer several options...


  • Improve Core Control & Flexibility

    Improve Core Control & Flexibility

    If you feel like your muscles are “tight”, it may have more to do with them being “taut” versus shortened....


  • Improve Bone Density

    Improve Bone Density

    Did you realize that 50% of women and 25% of men over the age of 50 have low bone density?...


  • Weightloss


    Losing weight is a more complex puzzle than just the calorie equation (how much you eat versus how much you...


  • Workshops


    Knowledge is power. In addition to providing continuing education for other rehabilitation and fitness professionals, ProBalance hosts workshops and seminars...


  • Improve Balance & Coordination

    Improve Balance & Coordination

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  • Improve Overall Health

    Improve Overall Health

    Physical Therapy sessions are exclusively with licensed Physical Therapists (PT's) for the duration of the appointment (no aides or assistants)....


  • Injury Recovery

    Injury Recovery

    Since areas of the body do not work in isolation of one another, our expertise in functional movement ensure that...