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"Ada Wells is super competent and super dedicated. What more could you ask for?”
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Pilates with Yachties

Finding ways to stay fit while cruising can be challenging because of space constraints for both performing exercises and stowing equipment. Learn how you can get a comprehensive, Pilates inspired workout, including flexibility, strength, and core stabilization training using items already found on your sailboat.

All you need is good quality line, a block, a sturdy object such as a mast or a tree for an anchor point, and a clever use of body weight for resistance. Ada will demonstrate many of the exercises and show how they may be adjusted to accommodate various fitness levels. Whether you’re looking to stay in shape while at sea or you’re working out at home to look great at your final destination, you’ll find this program fun and challenging.

Cruising Boater’s Workout


As seen at the 2010-2014 Strictly Sail Pacific Boat Shows and in the June 2010 issue of Cruising World Magazine. A full body, Pilates-inspired workout utilizing gravity, body angles, and a simple pulley system made from items found on any sailboat or at any marine store. (Pulley System Not Included).

Mobile workout download with accompanying pdf.  If interested, contact ProBalance on the Contact page.