Treatment/Training Philosophy:

I believe we should move through all stages of life with grace and ease. Keeping both a strong mind AND body is quintessential to this goal. I am here to help increase strength, flexibility and mobility as we move through life.


I teach Pilates to clients of all ages, but specialize in Pilates for older adults, people with injuries or disabilities.

Favorite Quote:

We know what we are, but know not what we may be. William Shakespere

I do Pilates because: I love to move and dance and hike, and I plan to move all the days of my life.

My inspirations are: my grandmother and all of the strong willed women in my family who ensured that I knew I could do anything I put my mind to.

My favorite charities are: The Scottish Rite Childhood Language Center providing essential speech and language assistance to children who need it, including my own.

I want to learn: how to speak Mandarin.

Favorite activity outside of work:

I love to fly kites. I have many varieties of kites from pirate ships to airplanes, and box kites to dragons.


12 lb fluff ball of a Main coon cat named Sprinkles


My beautiful princess, Dhavin, my handsome prince, McGreggor, and my darling husband, Mark.

Educated where:

Indiana University, University of San Diego, San Francisco State University, Polestar Pilates International