Treatment/Training Philosophy:
I look at posture, movement and where in the body do we breathe. These three components of an assessment can reveal where and why we hurt. I have found that manual therapy can correct an ache rapidly but movement pattern modification is key to long term resolution or improvement. Fluidity of movement comes from the important combination of flexibility, grace, positive attitude, and whole body strength. Exercises for individual muscle groups have a more limited scope.

Favorite Quote: 
“Have deep root within. Before you enter the body, forgive”

Specialties or Special Skills
Manual Therapy, PNF, Cupping Therapy (Myofascial Decompression), Pilates, Osteoporosis

I do Pilates because…
It empowers me, giving me a positive outlook on life and others.

My inspirations:
Colors, shapes, nature, animals, kindness, laughs, traveling, discovering other cultures, scents, quotes, beautiful writing, music, singing

Interesting fact:
I ran a B&B in my 16th century home in France.

My favorite charities are:
Alameda Food Bank, Guide Dogs for the Blind

I want to learn:
how play the piano, roller blade, Italian, and chocolate tempering

Favorite activity outside of work: 
interior design, restoration of old buildings, stained glass, flower arranging, cooking

I love them, yet do not have any now.

2 grown children; one in NYC, one in the Bay Area

Educated where: 
La Sorbonne, Paris
UC San Francisco, UCB Extension

MA, PT, Health and Fitness Institute, Polestar, ACSM (Health and Fitness Instructor), UCSF (Myofascial decompression), UCBExtension (ESL teacher).

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