Treatment/Training Philosophy:

The process of creating an individualized plan to reach goals and integrating the exercises, self-treatment and behaviors into our day can be complicated and overwhelming. I know, I have been there myself. I enjoy simplifying that process for clients and tracking progress with objective and evidence-based measures so we can both rejoice when goals are reached!

I enjoy finding any missing links in the postural system and supporting people as they rediscover their full potential. I love to help clients find their own way to bring awareness, centering and breath into everyday activities and to facilitate more easeful and effective movement.


I utilize manual therapy techniques and Mulligan manual mobilization with movement to correct a segmental or local mechanical restriction. Then I re-educate the body to control its new range of movement and to correct faulty movement patterns with Pilates-based exercises.  Skills are used to restore stability to a hypermobile area and to induce mobility to a hypomobile area. My knowledge of the fascial planes and neural tension signs help to focus the intervention to the most relevant structure.


Favorite Quote:
“The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.” - Thomas Alva Edison


My favorite charities are: 
Sierra Club
Bay area youth center (BAYC)
Surfrider Foundation
East Bay Zoological Foundation


Interesting fact:
I am currently working with Mills College Graduate program in dance as their physical therapist and as an Assistant Adjunct Professor teaching Dance Kinesiology and Somatics courses.


Favorite activity outside of work:
Playing with my young daughter and husband.  Surfing.  Gardening.  Cooking.


Two young cats who think they are dogs Sparkle (the lemur) and Riley (the Maine Coon).


Educated where:
I graduated from University of California at Davis with a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science /Exercise Physiology in 1999.  I then graduated in 2002 from Regis University School for Health Care Professions in Denver with a Master of Science in Physical Therapy.  I went on to complete a Doctorate in Physical Therapy with emphasis on orthopedic manual therapy in 2003.  My Pilates education has been through Balanced Body University with Elizabeth Larkam and Tom McCook. I have also taken advanced coursework through Polestar Pilates.