Treatment/Training Philosophy:
I believe that Pilates is for everyone.  Regardless of history or goals for the future, from the moment someone makes a commitment to health through the practice of Pilates, balancin both body and mind will improve.  Through increased awareness and alignment, the possibilities are endless to improve or enhance quality of life.
Whether instructing a group or individual, I tailor movement to the level and needs of the clients.  I focus on quality of movement and adjust the pace of a session or class accordingly so that the greatest possible benefit is achieved.


Pilates with an emphasis on movement.  Trained in the Oov.


Favorite Quote:
"If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you." ~ Fred Devito


I do Pilates because: I love how it makes me feel in my daily activities.  Pilates helps me stay active and tackle the physical and mental challenges of raising two young boys with ease and grace.


My inspirations are: My dad faced a severe health challenge at the age of 40 and throughout the remainder of his life, but he chose to break all the rules by becoming a triathlete.  He lived his life to the fullest and loved every moment of it.


My favorite charities are: Alameda County Food Bank, Natural Resources Defense Council, and the International Bird Rescue based in nearby Fairfield.  They have rescued thousands of birds around the globe since the organization was founded in 1971.


Interesting fact:
After I graduated college in 1997, I moved to London, England for a period of time and worked for Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York in her private office.


I want to learn: How to meditate.


Favorite activity outside of work:
Hiking and biking on the weekends with my family.


African Grey Parrot, Mac (who bonded with my husband and would just assume have me out of the picture)


Two very active young boys - Isaac 12 and Michael 7, and my husband, Zach.


Educated where:
University of California, Santa Barbara, B.A. Communications, Polestar Pilates International


Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher, Graduate of Polestar Pilates International, Oov Level 1-3 and Oov Apparatus