Treatment/Training Philosophy:
What your body does and feels is largely based on where your brain has been.  Humans are more than just a 3D bag of musculoskeletal tissues...we are a complex and dynamic system that relies more on the neurological component that you might realize.  By addressing the brain, I'm treating the body and by treating the body, I'm impacting the brain.  It's pretty neat stuff!


Pilates performance and rehab programs for rotational sports, specifically golf.


Favorite Quote:
"Whether you think you can, or you think you can't – you're right.” ~Henry Ford


I do Pilates because: I plan on living at least 110 years so I want my body and mind to age gracefully and to be able to actively take advantage of every precious year.


My inspirations are: my parents. Thanks to my dad who taught me how to play golf and the piano when I was young and for teaching me that age is only a number...not an expectation. Thanks to my mom and step-dad for reinforcing the “no regrets” policy on life.


My favorite charities are: Alameda Education Foundation for enriching the lives of our community’s children. Also, thanks to the Make-A-Wish Foundation for creating a moment of happiness for not one, but two of my nieces who are currently battling life-threatening conditions (leukemia & a liver/kidney transplant).


Interesting fact:
I have worked with multiple Hall of Famers in baseball, football and hockey, All-Pro basketball players, Olympic medalists (including the most decorated Olympian of all time), the most successful female golfer of all time, and a former vice president of the US.


I want to learn: how to speak Spanish fluently, how to play the guitar, but I am happy learning how to play the ukulele vicariously through my daughter.


Favorite activity outside of work:
Sailing, Kayaking, Travel, Spending time in our home in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


12 lb Chihuahua/Terrier mix named Dotty


My wonderful teen-age daughter, Anika and husband, Stefan complete my world!


Educated where:
Temple University, Chapman University, UC Davis, Polestar Pilates International


Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) Certified. Level 3 Titleist Performance Institute Medical Professional Certification (aka TPI-Golf Level 3), SFMA Certified Level 1, Member of American Physical Therapy Association (APTA)-Sports & Orthopedic Section, IDEA Fitness, Level 3 Oov, Konnector

Educator/Presenter:  Senior Polestar Pilates Teacher Training Educator & Examiner, Level 1 Oov Educator, Balanced Body "Pilates on Tour" Guest Faculty, Online education including Pilates 4 Golfers, Online Pilates Membership Site