“I had previously taken pilates privately for approximately one year, but the difference with ProBalance pilates instructors – who are physical therapists – cannot be matched. ” «T.G.

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Physical Therapy

You might think that that your pain is due to something structural that needs to be massaged, manipulated, or stretched to feel better.  In some cases, this is true.  More often, it is how you move (aka your movement strategy) that matters more than you realize.  Faulty movement strategies can be a source of structural problems that either cause injury or delay healing. You can manipulate a structure, but if you don't teach the body what to do with that new motion, it'll often return to its original dysfunctional state.

Using a proactive approach, our physical therapists identify and correct faulty motor patterns using Pilates based exercise. Structural restrictions affecting movement quality are targeted using skilled manual therapy techniques, when needed.  Most importantly, you are taught how to manage and prevent injuries by more deeply understanding the relationships within the body. This is done in a 45-60 minute one-on one session, which enables better results with fewer sessions. This level of expertise means, your questions are answered, your treatment is specific, and your valuable time is utilized to its fullest.  Our therapists have a minimum of 10-20+ years experience and have subspecialties such as manual therapy, craniosacral therapy, advanced taping techniques, cupping, golf rehab, prenatal/post-partum, lymphedema management, ergonomics, and more.

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Private Pilates

You've probably heard that Pilates can be a transformative form of exercise and that is because it's is more about the journey of movement than just the destination of an exercise. In our world, quality trumps quantity. To create effortless movement, our Pilates teachers use a combination of specialized apparatus designed to support or challenge the individual’s coordination, balance, strength, and mobility with very specific verbal, tactile, and visual cues designed create awareness of alignment and posture.

All ProBalance Pilates fitness teachers have completed a minimum 450+ hour approved Pilates Teacher Training program, have knowledge and experience in working with clients who come with a wide range of pre-existing conditions (i.e. lowbone density, arthritis, low back pain, neurological conditions, etc), and know how to design fitness programs in a methodical way based on the person in front of them, not just on a random set of choreography. Since we work as a collaborative team, our Pilates fitness teachers often consult with on-site physical therapists or will make recommendations to refer out when it is appropriate.

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Group Classes

An exercise program is only as good as the person who sticks with it. Group classes offer an affordable, fun, and safe way to complement private Pilates or physical therapy sessions and to create a supportive community of like-minded individuals who are looking to optimize their health. Our classes levels are graded on a scale from 0 to 3 based on movement proficiency, the need for modifications, and in the amount of assistance required in managing the apparatus. Our classes are also divided into 3 main types: 1) 50 minute Apparatus Classes that utilize reformers/towers and other small props, 2) 25 minute eXpress Classes that are optimal for those on a tight schedule or for those who aren’t yet ready for a full 50 minute class, and 3) 50 min Mat classes that are performed without the large apparatus, but that often take advantage of small props.

We also have classes that focus on certain populations such as Prenatal/postpartum classes, Pilates for Athletes Classes, Bone Building & Balance classes, Gentle Pilates (for those who need to move at a slower pace or with modifications), and more.

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Sports Performance

The definition of an athlete is one who is able to possess the strength, agility, coordination, stamina, balance, mental focus, and complete body control to move with efficiency and purpose. Special attention is given to optimizing shoulder girdle stability for overhead and weight-bearing activities, spinal mobility and control during dynamic movements in multiple planes of motion, flexibility, balance and coordination to optimize lower body control and alignment, and pelvic/core control needed to provide an optimal transfer of forces for any power sport or activity. Pilates is an excellent complement to other high intensity workouts for athletes of all ages who want to remain active and competitive for the long haul.

While Pilates benefits all athletes, ProBalance is known for its specific programming and specialists in the fields of golf/rotational sports (ProBalance Golf), sailing (Pilates for Yachties), dance, and more.

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“Ada framed a personal exercise program that has improved my golf swing and posture. She has taught me the importance of body motion efficiency.” « D.M.

Pilates Teacher Training

ProBalance is a host site for Polestar Pilates, an internationally respected Pilates Teacher Training program that aims to raise the bar for the profession of Pilates and rehabilitation by emphasizing “the why” so the practitioner can effectively implement “the how” during Pilates sessions.

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Corporate Wellness/Fitness

What if you could improve the health of your company by improving the health of your employees? It is well accepted that companies that incorporate wellness/fitness programs see heightened employee productivity, improved employee morale, reduced medical and disability costs, reduced absenteeism, and even enhancement of company culture.

ProBalance offers a range of services-such as onsite fitness classes, wellness workshops, massage, ergonomic consultations, injury prevention screenings, and more. Based on your business’ needs, we can design a program that includes services that are company sponsored (company pays 100%), a copay program (company and individual employees split the cost), or employee-sponsored (employees pay for onsite classes/services).

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