Perkville Rewards Program

Rewards Points For Exercise?perkville

We want to reward your motivation and dedication to exercise by introducing you to our online rewards program.  ProBalance has partnered with Perkville to offer an online reward system. It’s a fun and easy way to earn points for attending classes, referring friends, and giving us a shout-out on social media.  Sign up and start earning points right away (or click unsubscribe on Perkville and you’ll never receive another notification).

Perkville is a trusted partner of MINDBODY, our scheduling system. Perkville will never share or use any ProBalance client information with outside parties.

How Do I Get Started?

Step 1
Open Perkville email invitation (automatically sent after you sign up with ProBalance online)

Step 2
Register on Make sure to use the same email account that you signed up with at ProBalance. You’ll earn 25 points just for joining!

Step 3:
Automatically earn rewards.  Your progress is tracked in your Perkville account.

Step 4
When you have earned enough points for a reward, print voucher from Perkville and redeem it at ProBalance.

How Do I Earn Perks?

+100pts: Refer a friend
+50pts:   ProBalance Review on a Social Media Site
+35pts:   PT/Pilates Wellness Private Appointment (Not PT-insurance)
+25pts:  Join Perkville Reward Program
+25pts:  Private Fitness Pilates Appointment Attended
+15pts:  Duet Pilates Appointment Attended
+15pts:  30 min Private Pilates Appointment
+10pts:   Happy Birthday!
+10pts:   50min Apparatus Class Attended
+7 pts:    Arrival (for memberships)
+5pts:     eXpress Pilates or Mat Class
+5 pts:    Tweet (Twitter) @ProBalancePT on Fridays using #PoweredbyProBalance IF you have mindfully exercised that week for 5 days at ProBalance or at home.
+5 pts:    Follow @ProBalancePT on Twitter
+2 pts:    Facebook Post on day of class/appt (log-in through Perkville)
+2 pts:    Tweet on day of class/appointment (log-in through Perkville)

How Do I Redeem Perks?

-75 pts:     Free Powered by ProBalance Sports Tee
-100 pts:   Treat a friend to a class who is NEW to ProBalance
-200 pts:   Free pair of white, split toe Shashi Grip Socks
-250 pts:   $15 off a 12 pack of eXpress Classes
-350 pts:   $25 discount on a 12 pack of 50 min Apparatus Classes
-450 pts:   $35 off a 12 pack of Fitness Pilates Privates
-600 pts:   $50 discount on a PT/Pilates Wellness 12pack
-1000 pts: $100 ProBalance Gift Card

How Do I Refer A Friend?

You’ll need to sign in to your Perkville account and enter your friend’s email address to send them a referral email. When they come into ProBalance for their first class or appointment, we’ll ask them for their email address. If the address they give us matches the address you entered into your Perkville account, you’ll automatically earn points for referring them when they make their first purchase.

How Do I Earn Points Using Social Media?

1.  Share your experiences, energy, and motivation! Tell your friends what you love about Pilates or how the attention to detail has made a difference. To earn points on Facebook & Twitter, be sure to post through the Perkville website to get points for the days you attend class or an appointment.

2.  Write a review on a site that has reviews.  Print it out and bring it in and we’ll manually add 50 points to your account.  It’s recommended that you take the time to review other local businesses before you review ours.  Local businesses rely on that word of mouth!  Support Alameda!

3.  Friday weekly check-in on Twitter.
On Fridays, you can earn points by Tweeting @ProBalancePT #poweredbyprobalance with how much you exercised.  (Here’s a sample tweet:  ”@ProBalancePT, I exercised 5 days this week: ran 5 miles, Pilates 2x, walked daily.  I feel great! #poweredbyprobalancept”)  We’ll check at the end of the day and manually add 5 points to your account if you engaged in a mindful exercise 5 days in that week or performed the exercises that were recommended to you by your practitioner.  Obviously, this is on the honor system…if you cheat here, you’re only cheating yourself.

We hope this keeps you motivated to follow through with your exercise program both in and outside of the studio!