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There are 2 Oov Courses hosted at ProBalance (Alameda, CA) in 2018
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May 5-6, 2018:  Level 1-Oov Fundamentals (2 day course) (Sat 9-6, Sun 8-5)
Oct 5-6, 2018:  Level 1-Oov Fundamentals (2 day course) (Fri-Sat 9-6)
Oct 7, 2018 Oov with Pilates Apparatus (1 day course) (Sun 8-5)

*You must take OOv Fundamentals prior to Oov with Pilates Apparatus.

Oov Fundamentals:  3-Dimensional Training Course (2 days)-approved for PMA Continuing Ed.
Instructed by Ada Wells, PT

Oov with Pilates Apparatus (1 day)-approved for PMA Continuing Ed.
Alameda/Oakland, CA
Instructed by Ada Wells, PT

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Course Description:

This coursework will embrace current research, literature, theories, and practices surrounding manual therapies, functional training, neuromuscular reeducation, fascia, mind/body medicine, and neuroscience of pain, movement, and rehabilitation. The practitioner will acquire assessment and treatment skills to facilitate rapid change for the client receiving treatment on and with tools and props that enable this 3-Dimensional instability.

The Oov, is a unique 3-Dimensional apparatus that enhances efficiency of motor learning and movement training by mimicking the body, innately creating an environment for rapid neurological response and lasting change.  Other tools/props that are commonly found within the rehab environment, including, but not limited to foam rollers, resistance bands, stability balls, balance pads, free weights, etc. will also be used within this course to adapt the external forces to challenge the system in this 3-Dimensional manner.

The use of 3-Dimensional instability props/tools in rehab, wellness, and fitness will enable client’s to sense the neurological changes immediately without the need for verbal and left brain recognition, thus having an immediate effect on performance, motor control, and the mind/body system. It also allows clients to participate in self care on a daily basis reinforcing the theories of motor learning to their highest degree.

A basic introduction to this work begins in the 2 day Oov Fundamentals (Level I) course available to Physical Therapists, DOs, Chiropractors, MDs, ATCs, Massage Therapists, and all practitioners of movement to include Pilates instructors, Yoga instructors, fitness instructors, Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais, Gyrotonic, and coaches with a movement science background.

The Fundamentals (Level I) course will be the prerequisite for all other Oov Education Courses that will be made available for each independent discipline and specialty area based on the most recent literature and research available.

This course will explore how using a 3-Dimensional device can facilitate overall improvement in Functional Movement. This course will also take traditional Pilates based mat exercises and apply them to these types of devices/tools including but not limited to the Oov, resistance bands, stability balls, rollers, etc. to enhance this 3D effect.

During this course, participants will explore the concept of creating stability through improving mobility, as well as, the role that disassociation plays in enhancing stability training.

Balance Training will be utilized as a means to effectively enhance motor learning and improved performance.

Techniques such as Sequential Training, Proper Queuing, Regression/Progression, as well as an understanding of the concept of Tolerance and Effective Loading will be provided as a means to assist instructors in teaching complex multi-plane movements.

The “Four Pillars of Movement” and their relationship to efficient performance will be the corner stone to teaching Functional Movement. Faulty or inefficient Movement Patterns will be identified in regards to postural type.

Strength, speed, power and agility are more effectively achieved if the client can maintain Motor Control, Stability and Endurance, and these will be the basis of all exercises in the Oov Fundamentals Course.

Therefore, the focus of all the exercises presented will be on Eccentric Activation for Greater Strength and Control through Low Threshold, Slow Movement Training

Students will also be give information for the structure, as well as, the queuing techniques to facilitate a group 3-Dimensional Movement class.

This course gives the practitioner the ability to diagnose and address the individual’s movement through Proprioceptive Neuro-Plasticity at an unprecedented level. Students will learn the nuances of adding or removing load and resistance to increase mobility or to increase fine motor control.

This course will start to identify Direct Clinical Deficiencies, such as Axial Control of the Skeleton, Gait Pattern Dysfunction, 3 D Sling Deficiencies and Compromised Articular function. Detailed and Specific Exercises that address the Correction of these deficiencies will be covered.

Cost:  $600.  17 hours, including 1.5 hours of online course/quiz, practical demonstration/observation & experiential labs and lectures.


Participants will be able to:
1.  Demonstrate correct set up and safety when using the Oov and other tools/devices to create a 3D challenge.

2.Understand how Balance training on a 3D surface can be a useful tool to identify faulty movement patterns and for enhancing motor learning.

3.Learn how to identify what parts of the body you are going to:




7.Demonstrate an understanding of the concepts of Tolerance and Load in Balance Training.

8.Understand the importance of Sequential Training and demonstrate how to safely modify an exercise by using regression or progression.

9.Understand how the “Four Pillars of Movement – Axial Elongation: Core Control, Hip Mobilization, Shoulder Mobilization play and important role in efficient movement.

10.To demonstrate a knowledge of the various characteristics that identify faulty movement patterns.

11.Understand how the concepts and methods identified in this course can be used with any form of Functional Training.

12.Effectively teach the exercises described in this course to individuals and a large group.

Oov Fundamentals:  3-Dimensional Training

Outline & Schedule

Day 0:  PreCourse Requirements:  1.5 hour Online Video & Quiz

Day 1

9-9:30                        Introductions
9:30-10:00                   Brief Intro to the 3D devices such as the Oov, what it is and why (including theory).
10:00-10:30                   Positioning Lecture and Lab (groups of 3)
10:30-11:15                3D Movement Class
11:15-11:30              Break
11:30-12:30              Theory Lecture based on Stated Objectives
12:30-1:00              Assessment and Supine UE and LE interventions & toolbox.
1-2                            LUNCH
2-2:30                        Supine Assessment/Intervention Case Study
2:30-4                        Supine Assessment/Intervention LAB (groups of 3)
4-4:15                        Break
4:15-4:30                   Prone and Rotation interventions and toolbox.
4:30-5:30                   Prone and Rotation Intervention LAB (groups of 3)
5:30-6                        Q & A, day 1 wrap up!

Day 2

8-8:30                        Review Day 1, Q & A
8:30-9:30                   Restorative 3D Movement Class (using all props)
9:30-9:45                   Discussion
9:45-10:00                Break
10:00-10:30              Sidelying interventions and toolbox.
10:30-11:30              Sidelying Intervention LAB (groups of 3)
11:30-12:30              Standing Assessment/Intervention and Case Study
12:30-1:30                LUNCH
1:30-3:00                   Standing Assessment/Intervention LAB (groups of 3)
3:00-3:45                   Group review of Bridging, Lunging, Standing Balance, Running
3:45-4:00                   Break
4:00-5:00                   Group Case Study/Discussion/Course Evaluation

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Oov group class