Did you wake up feeling your age today?

You’re moving along in life and then one day, it seems like everything starts breaking down. Your mind says GO, but your body says WHOA! At ProBalance, we believe that life is too short to let nagging aches and pains slow you down. Your ability to feel young is a mindset that needs to be complemented with a body that can change as the conditions change. If your body 2.0 needs a bit of a hardware (and software) update, our team of experienced physical therapists and movement professionals are able to guide you through the skillful use of Pilates inspired exercise that can help re-energize your body and add zest to your life. You can visit our ProBalance studio in person or you can join our ONLINE ProBalance® Movement Program, designed to help you move better and feel better so you can live better. Either way, we'll help you take care of your body...it’s the only one you’ve got!


Be PRO-active about your health with Pilates & movement classes designed for various fitness levels and to provide a motivating & supportive environment. Our online scheduler shows class schedules in real time with full descriptions.

ProBalance® Online

Your virtual studio is here! Join our online ProBalance® Membership Portal for videos, tips, workouts, and more...strategically organized for easy use at home or on the go.