Why ProBalance Golf?

Because your club is only as good as the body that swings it.™ Titleist Performance Institute (TPI®) is widely recognized by top amateur and professional golfers for their development of golf specific health and fitness programs. ProBalance Golf Performance Programs formally integrate TPI® expertise with Pilates based exercise to maximize the body-swing connection. This integration is hailed by tour players, swing coaches, and the medical community as a vital part of a high performance golf program.

“Ada's unique approach incorporates the use of the core muscles and their movement into the biomechanics of the golf swing. The result is an efficient and safe environment by which to play the game.”« G.F.

Golf Performance Fitness Screening (30 minutes)

The Golf Performance Fitness Screening incorporates the latest research developed by TPI® to identify areas of swing improvement relating to physical strength and mobility. This screening provides the baseline for an individualized golf exercise program and is a great way to identify the root cause of nagging swing faults, enabling the casual golfer to achieve a breakthrough level of performance.

Standard Golf Performance Fitness/Posture & Movement Evaluation (55 minutes)

The TPI® Golf Performance Fitness Screening is utilized in addition to other more specific evaluation tools are used to evaluate posture, mobility, strength, & movement dysfunctions as they relate to the golf swing. The results will be used to develop a plan which includes interventions within the scope of practice of a PT, including Pilates for prevention & wellness.

Deluxe Golf Performance Functional Assessment (90 minutes)

The Deluxe Golf Performance Functional Assessment provides in-depth knowledge for individuals seeking to achieve peak performance. This thorough physical evaluation incorporates the TPI® Selective Functional Movement Assessment that addresses range of motion, flexibility, joint stability, motor control, strength, and balance relating to golf swing performance and injury risk factors. This assessment is used as the foundation to initiate a personalized corrective exercise program benefitting the golfer who wants maximum results. This assessment is also ideal for golfers looking to return to golf at peak performance after injury.

Individual Golf Performance Session (50 minutes)

Individual Golf Performance Sessions are based on results of the Golf Performance Fitness Evaluation or the Deluxe Golf Performance Functional Assessment to provide strength, conditioning, and skills to optimize results. The Golf Performance Session may include any combination of golf specific corrective and Pilates-based exercises, and body work conforming to TPI® guidelines and the golfer’s individualized needs.

Individual Golf Performance Package (6 Pack of 50 min sessions)

Private Golf performance sessions may be purchased as a package of 6 after the client has signed up for one of the above golf evaluation sessions (30 min, 55 min, or 90 min assessments).

Golf Performance Workshops

Do you have a group who is interested in learning more in depth about the body-swing connection? We provide customized workshops, including those at your site with various members of our team, including golf fitness & medical professionals and golf professionals. Please contact us for a quote.

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